Emily Carr  Canadian Painter    1871 AD - 1945 AD

Emily Carr Canadian Painter 1871 AD - 1945 AD, Canadian Group of Seven

Emily Carr Above the Trees

Emily Carr Above the Trees, circa oil on paper, x cm, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery

Heart of the Forest (1935) - Emily Carr

vufus: “Emily Carr - "Heart of the Forest" 1935 ” Emily Carr (December 1871 – March was a Canadian artist and writer heavily inspired by the Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest.

Emily Carr

Emily Carr - Blunden Harbour - circa 1930 Medium - oil on canvas Dimensions - size: × cm × in) -

Emily Carr: Forest British Columbia

Emily Carr, Forest, British Columbia, 1931 - oil on canvas (Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery)

Emily Carr

Love the Fall inspired art by Emily Carr, Group of Seven, etc - reminds me of the going to the cottage in the Fall, and the woods become painted in new colours

Emily Carr

Emily Carr - "Woods Interior" this one seriously reminds me of that cave-like house design I dig. Makes me wonder if the architect might have been insiried by this painting.