Phonemic Awareness
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Before children begin reading words, they must have phonemic awareness. This means that they must be able to explore the different phonemes (sounds) that are in words. A wonderful way to get children to explore the sounds in words is to set up games and create songs that the children will enjoy. These games and songs should deal with rhyming, beginning sounds, end sounds, middle sounds, and manipulating sounds in words to create new words.
INSTRUCTION: Phonemic Awareness Read Aloud: Using Stories to Develop Phonemic Awareness Skills

Phonemic Awareness Read Aloud: Using Stories to Develop Phonemic Awareness Skills

INSTRUCTION: Silly Sound Attendance: Building Phonemic Awareness

Changing the first sound in students' names is a fun and silly way to take attendance that builds phonemic awareness. For more information go to full lesson .

INSTRUCTION: The Hungry Hungry Rhyming Monster: Foundations for Phonemic Awareness

Having students generate rhymes to feed a hungry monster is a fun way to build awareness of the sound structure of spoken language.

UNDERSTANDING: Phonemic Awareness in Young Children

Phonemic Awareness in Young Children

ASSESSMENT: Phonemic Awareness Assessment

An informal assessment of phonemic awareness, including what the assessment measures, when is should be assessed, examples of questions, and the age or grade at which the assessment should be mastered.

INSTRUCTION: Learning Letter Sounds with Starfall: Using the SMART Board to Develop Letter Sounds

By integrating technology and literacy, students gain access to literacy websites, like Starfall and develop their understanding of letter-sound corresponden.