Black dragonfish (Idiacanthus atlanticus) swim in the subtropical and temperate waters of the Southern Hemisphere, traveling as deep as meters

An Argyropelecus hemigymnus, a type of deep-sea hatchetfish, feeding. Francesco Costa/CC BY-SA

Tripod fish (Bathypterois grallator) The tripodfish or tripod spiderfish is a deep-sea benthic fish in the Ipnopidae family found at lower latitudes.

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Footballfish are deep-sea anglers that live in the Mariana Trench. They look like a football, thus the name. The lure on the top of their heads is what attracts their prey, which they then quickly snap up with their fierce jaws.

BLOOD RED JELLYFISH (Crossota norvegica) - ©Kevin Raskov Other Photos you may enjoy: Portuguese man o'war Blue Button (Porpita porpita) Flower Hat Jelly — findout: “ Blood-red Crossota norvegica jellyfish. It was spotted by a remotely operated.