Clothing/fashion vocabulary: Student will identify the different types of clothing,  and their names

Chapter 7 - This is another pin that contains clothing vocabulary. It's not all the vocab we learned but its good to refresh your memory.


Introduce clothing vocabulary with this colorful 18 x 24 in. poster that includes a free guide with teaching suggestions and practice worksheets.

Le français et vous — Le vocabulaire des vêtements Exercices en ligne...

A program that has a very empathetic customer service department for any technical questions to afford full quality and comprehension.

Les vêtements

Les vêtements

Apprendre le nom des vetements (français)

This video clip is quite cute and my secondary students don’t mind using it to start learning the words for clothing. There are so many of them so we have to think of ways to bring them to ou…

Les vêtements: Fun Bingo game to practice Clothing vocabulary in French!

Les vêtements: Clothing Themed Bingo Game in French