Organic Baby food

A Day in the Life of a Five-Month-Old

Not really a recipe, but tips on the right way to feed babies. I've been doing so much research and wanted to pin this for future reference. Some of you may disagree, but after all my reading, I totally agree with this.

Ergo Organic Baby Carrier

My ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier came in the mail today. Hurry up baby Blevins!

Sophie the Giraffe - Crocodile Baby Canada

Sophie The Giraffe Teether is the perfect teething toy for baby. This soft giraffe is made from natural rubber & food paint so it's completely safe for baby to chew! Sophie's long legs & neck are easy teething spots. She even squeaks!

shape sorter

Zoo Animal Shape Sorter - Dwell Studio - Buckets and Spades for kids