For kids who are easily distracted or overwhelmed by amount of work... mind. blown. This has worked with my most distracted kiddo!! I am SO glad I found this!!

Small Bites and Movement

For kids who are easily distracted. Put assignment in a file folder, cut the folder into thirds. The student see tasks one (or two) at a time. This is helpful for multi-step problems and ADHD/Processing disorders.

Jigsaw pairs - print off & laminate so you can reuse.   - subject pronouns/ verbs, questions/ answers, etc

Jigsaw Pairs

There are so many things you could do with these! Here’s a few ideas: - lower case/upper case letter matching - sight words - antonyms - synonyms - math sums - shape names & pictures - analogue/digital time - subject area questions & answers

Petits certificats à imprimer afin de motiver vos élèves!

Petits certificats de reconnaissance

Keep extra activities for early finishers in this pocket chart for easy access.

writing pocket activities- students choose word search, stationary to write a letter, word wall activities, class reporter.

Compte à rebours

THE coolest whiteboard timer ever. Checkout this fun classroom timer based on the World Games theme!