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a farmer is standing on the back of a trailer in a field with his farm equipment
Stereotypes and Agriculture
John F. Kennedy Quote
a tractor in a field with a quote from brenda schropf
A very good reason to support your local farmers - we need them every day.
a red leaf with the words science experiments for kids why do leaves change color?
Science Experiment: Why Do Leaves Change Color? - How Wee Learn
Science Experiments for Kids
a table topped with lots of vases filled with water and plants on top of it
Soil Erosion Experiment - Life is a Garden
Soil Erosion Experiment This might look like such a simple experiment but it will definitely show the importance of having vegetation covering the soil to your kids! They will love this hands on experiment!
crackers and cottage cheese are on a plate next to a jar of milk that is sitting on a table
Make Your Own Butter! | Activity |
Activities: Make Your Own Butter! As easy as this is, I'll bet the kids never thought about how it's made...give them a lesson!
a large poster with many different types of surfboards on it's sides and the names
Home | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Healthy soils are critical for global food production, but we are not paying enough attention to this important "silent ally".
Evention Presents: What people think I do. Equestrians!
What people think I do. What I really do...
Evention Presents: What people think I do. Equestrians!
a person kneeling down on top of a dirt field next to a green plant with the words, i think that if you were raised on a farm, you were born with
"...once you get dirt in your shoes, you can't ever get it out." #farm #farmkids
a horse that is standing in the dirt
Yep...everyone else was playing with barbies, dressing up in dresses and pretending they were princesses, ballerinas or fairys. I just wanted to ride a horse and play in dirt. XD
the words country roads take me home to the place i belong on a white background
country roads take me home to the place I belong.
a black and white photo with words written on it
Start a Blog - Create a Free Blog Site with WordPress -
Lessons from country music...
sunflowers with the words like my trucks lifted, my boys strong, and my boots muddy
@Sarah Goodwin I know this is you! lol. Sometimes I wonder if it's me...then again...I wore a cheetah print skirt today...should I be questioning my "countryness"???
a field with the words to those that work in areas, not in hours we thank you
two children and an adult are standing in front of cows with the words caring for animals is a family nation handled down and moved from generations to generation
Caring for animals is a family tradition handed down and improved upon from generation to generation.
an info poster showing the different types of food and drink items in each country's cuisine
Happy National Ag Day! Here's 10 reasons to thank a farmer!