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Handbook for the Recently Deceased #handbookfortherecentlydeceased More

This past weekend stretched me creatively! Detailed 2 hats 7 makeups 5 paintings came upwitha new spur of the moment cosplay and a couple of photoshoots! Here's some progress shots of "the Handbook for the Recently Deceased" I painted for



workout barbie Halloween costume

If you want to maintain your air of sporty-girl charm, glam yourself up as Workout Barbie! You can re-create the look with a leotard or one-piece bathing suit, leggings, and knee-high socks. Perfect the look with a pop of bright lipstick and big hair.

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes - Hollywood and Fashion Halloween Costumes - ELLE

Lauren Conrad has some AMAZING Halloween costume ideas, including a Britney Spears 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' look (and this would be super easy to pull together last minute). Mix a cardigan, mini skirt, thigh-high socks, and a knotted white button-down