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a woman laying on top of a yoga mat with her back to the camera and an empty speech bubble above her
a woman laying on top of a yoga mat with the caption, balsana activates the parasympatic nervous nervous system
In need of some nurturing?
a woman sitting on a yoga mat with her legs crossed in the air and looking up
a woman laying on her stomach in a yoga position
How to Use Self Myofascial Release for 5 Key Areas of Your Body (Tutorial)
Somatic release technique
5 Somatic Exercises Every Woman Should Know
Dive into the world of somatic workouts! Click to read the full article for detailed instructions on somatic therapy exercises and learn how to seamlessly incorporate somatic exercises into your daily routine. Click through for a mind-body revolution. #SomaticWorkout #SomaticHealing
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TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) Releasing Stress, Trauma, and Emotional Blocks — Shakti Core
The Reverse hyperextension is a game changer.
To do it correctly position your hips at the very edge of whatever your using (ex bench, chair, box) engage your core & lats, then lift your legs in a controlled tempo so that there is no swinging or momentum used, try to pause each rep at the top for one seconds. To feel this in your glutes even more, push your feet out wider as the legs come up. Cc Instagram #fitbeautymom #glutes #fitnesstips #lowbackpainrelief #personaltrainer #legsworkout #exer
How to fire up the deepest core muscles (TVA) by Somatic Exercises #somaticexercises
The Basic Exercise: A Nervous System Reset
The basic exercise is a nervous system/vagus nerve reset! Posted this one a fee months back, but throwing it in here again for good measure. #nervoussystemregulation #vagusnerve #vagusnervestimulation #nervoussystem #basicexercise #polyvagaltheory #somatichealing #somatictherapy
3 in 1 exercise
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How To Release Painful Hip Tension From Your Desk-Job.
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Yoga Poses To Release Stored Trauma In Shoulders | Somatic Healing Yoga | Chamomile Yoga