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a white horse standing on top of a table next to a black and white object
Soulful Animal Sculptures - DPAGES - a design publication for lovers of all things cool & beautiful
Wang Ruilin’s Soulful Animal Sculptures His equine pieces are a bit more inward looking, with the horses often standing as direct representations of himself.
two dogs are playing with each other on a gray background
Ostinelli and Priest - Portfolio/Gallery - Ceramic Animal Sculptures
Long Dog and Hare both feature strongly in European mythologies., Ostinelli and Priest - Portfolio - Ceramic Animal Sculptures
a man standing on top of a ladder next to a giant vase
Jun Kaneko
● Jun Kaneko ● Ceramic (The sculptures will dry for a year and then fired for about 3 months in a massive kiln.)
a naked woman sitting on top of a chair covered in mud and plastic wraps
Kathy Venter’s Terra Cottas
British Columbia artist Kathy Venter's contemporary ceramics, built with terra cotta
a sculpture of a demon sitting on the ground
Juxtapoz Magazine - Ceramic Sculptures by Beth Cavener Stichter
Ceramic Sculpture By Beth Cavener Stitcher, Figurative ceramic sculpture, sculpture in clay
a cartoon character with his arms and legs wrapped around the back of an egg shell
the forbidden colors
(by Mathieu Cordreaux)
a statue of a man sitting in a chair
Sculptures de Herman Muys –
La fantaisie dans les sculptures de Herman Muys paraît inépuisable, sa créativité vaste et illimitée.
a sculpture made out of metal with gears and other things on it's face
Gerard Justin Ferrari - Ceramic Sculpture & Other Art Forms
ceramic sculpture by Gerard J. Ferrari entitled Good Ole Boy
three blue and white vases sitting on top of each other
21 Aluminum Can Creations
Ai Weiwei. for me it is all about crunched drink cane. but simplicity of the sculpture is defined by the colors and placement of cans.
a bunch of different types of pots and pans hanging from hooks
Rising Objects
Citrus Frost 2010 49" x 30" x 13" terra cotta, terra sigilata, glaze, cable, steel, paint ~ David Hicks
a group of blue raindrops floating on top of each other
Glazed Clay Sculpture of Water Droplets Falling From the Sky
"Gift From Above," Glazed ceramic sculpture of water droplets falling from the sky by Naoko Okabe. She explains her inspiration for the piece.
two statues sitting next to each other in a room
addresses the issue of firing a large ceramic sculpture in a small kiln. Savor the segments. ☥ Figurative Ceramic Sculpture ☥ Frances Semple
a stack of three ceramic heads with birds on top of them, sitting in front of a gray background
Sculptures by Northwest Artist, Robin and John Gumaelius
Artist Robin and John Gumaelius (Sculptures)
a white sculpture is hanging on the wall
tamara bonet
jeannine marchand ceramics - Google zoeken
an elephant statue is shown on a gray background
Ceramic Sculputre | Seattle Art Gallery
Bill Evans, Elephant Ceramic with Pigment
a sculpture of a man sitting on top of a giant moon with a stick in it's mouth
Antoine Josse
"Le contrôleur de nuit" (The night controller), 2010 - Sculpture by Antoine Jossé
a metal object with long black hair sticking out of it
A fantastical creature sculpture from Japanese ceramic artist Yoshihiro Kunikata's series 'Moon Trip.' via lixil.co.jp
a woman standing in front of some decorative items
Pamela Sunday makes hand built ceramic sculptures inspired by nature and science. She is known for her meticulous craftsmanship and for testing the limits of her chosen materials both in surface and form. Sunday lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
many different colored birds sitting on the floor
matanuskagirl's Clippings » Curbly | DIY Design & Decor
birds project for ceramic sculpture class by rachel reitan at S.P.A.R.C.