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a piece of art that is made out of glass
QUINQUABELLE ou les imperfections parfaites!
Ceramic wall art. Tapestry ceramic wall hanging.
a tall building with a window on the top of it's side and sky in the background
Blood & Champagne v3.0
Window structure
the different types of spoons are shown in this diagram
plllus' inspirations
Designs illustrant le vocabulaire de différents architectes.
a black and white photo of the inside of a building with light coming through it
Neue York
an office building with plants growing on the side of it's windows and balconies
One Central Park by Ateliers Jean Nouvel LOT 1 Broadway, Central Park, Chippendale NSW 2008, Australia
a very tall building with lots of windows on it's side in the middle of a city
FOTOAUTOMAT Paris - photomatons argentiques vintage
Kisho Kurokawa - Nakagin Capsule Tower Building, Tokyo
the building has two triangular shaped structures on it's sides
Une architecture atypique pour une construction onirique !
an unusual building on the side of a hill
Soviet futurist architecture (photo credit: Frederic Chaubin)
an unusual building in the middle of a city with people walking around it and cars parked on the street
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The Dancing House, Prague, Czech Republic