I will be doing this next year. This is awesome.

Number magnets to keep track of kids you allow to leave the room. Use a cookie sheet with glass stones glued to scrapbook paper and a magnet. then trim in fun duct tape! (The cookie sheet magnet board is pretty sweet for multiple different crafts.

Lien pour imprimer n'importe quelle cartes du monde en n'importe quel format à partir de feuille A4 à reconstituer.

Walk through the Continents - Print Maps Large and Small - Free So many maps to choose from and FREE for classroom use!

FREE Alphabet Tracing Book. Such a fun way to practice letters!

Free Letter Tracing Roads

I'm always looking for fun hands on way for my toddlers and preschoolers to work on letter recognition, especially during the summertime! These alphabet road tracing books are a fun idea to take on a road tip or for quiet time this summer!

Voici mes routines du matin ! Pour ceux et celle qui travaillent en éducation, au primaire ou au préscolaire (maternelle) Vous pouvez les commander en m'écrivant à cette adresse: claudialoubier@hotmail.com . Livrées en 2 jours ouvrable, imprimées sur carton glacé. Créations Claudia Loubier. Suivez-moi aussi sur facebook !

Pour ceux et celle qui travaillent en éducation…

Fun, colorful labels and/or badges!  FREE!

This product includes a Power Point file. To add your own text, you will have to have the Power Point software in order to use this product. This product includes 6 different label designs.

Oil and Chalk Pastels in Grade Two | Art Lessons For Kids

These are some basic techniques and tips that you can use to create chalk pastel artwork. You have to know that chalk pastel artworks are pretty different to look at and this is because the techniques used in it are different.