25+ Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

Huckleberry Love: Huckleberry Life: Play Snow {Sensory Activity}My kids have been outside playing with this for hours! *It's 3 cups baking soda (I checked the original site) + cup white conditioner

Winter Sensory Snow Activities

Tired of bundling up to go outside and play in the snow? Bring the fun inside with these winter sensory snow activities.

Ebben a posztban külön kiemelném, hogy a téli időszakban jó lesz sokat fújni, főleg, ha az orrfújással meggyűlik a baja a gyerkőcnek.

Sensory Play for Toddlers & Kids – Ice World

Sensory Play - Ice World...I would add animals that live in Polar Regions or colored water & eye droppers so the kids can use that to color the ice!

Mini Polar Sensory Bin

The other day I set up a mini arctic sensory bin for the kids and they had a blast with it! The fake snow and the arctic animals were highly enjoyed!

Top 10 Simple Play Ideas for Early Childhood Development

Winter Math Fun

Setting Up to Play Differentiated "Ice Fishing" for Numbers (from Marsha McGuire, A Differentiated Kindergarten) Play Preschool