Les tables de multiplication sous forme de roues

Times Table Worksheets – 19 and 20 – Twenty Four Worksheets / FREE Printable Worksheets

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Fraction Bingo

GREAT FOR KIDDOS Fractions Bingo Game. For visual learners! Could add/subtract/mult/divide with these as answers

Mon cartable - Site de partage de ressources entre enseignants du préscolaire et du primaire - www.moncartable.ca - Le tableau des équivalences !

Simple and Fun Division BINGO Game: Answers as Fractions

Do your kids struggle when their division problem has a solution that's a fraction? This post shares simple tips for how to teach this skill, as well as a fun and free division BINGO game to practice in a fun way!

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Free Pizza Fraction Printable Activities: Equivalent Fractions

These fun pizza fraction printable activities will add some fun into learning about equivalent fractions.

Math: Super smart way to teach equivalent fractions, ordering fractions, comparing fractions, etc. Wish I had known this a few months ago! Colored paper plates from dollar store.

Each BINGO board has a unique combination of addition problem with sums up to Each board also has a number line on the bottom. See the sample! Has a number-line on the bottom to help children with the addition.