Dr. Joey Shulman's 7-Day Meal Plan will help you keep on the right track with your weight loss plan

Fat Burning Meals Plan-Tips low residue diet menu - We Have Developed The Simplest And Fastest Way To Preparing And Eating Delicious Fat Burning Meals Every Day For The Rest Of Your Life

Thai mango rice wraps - a satisfying lunch or dinner!

Serves 1 rice wraps) Ingredients: 3 rice wraps 4 ounces of BBQ chicken or beef strips (firm tofu sliced for a vegetarian option) ¼ cup of sliced mango or pear strips 3 thinly sliced avocado strips ¼ cup of red pepper slices ¼ cup of fresh basil

My Cityline Weight Loss Challenge snack suggestions

How to Eat Healthy Like it's Second Nature - Coach Calorie - ".how to make healthy eating into a daily habit so that you can think less about food and more about the important things in life.

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Love these delish little chews! Perfect for your chocolate cravings and are healthy too!