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In our book "The Cats' House," we made public our private space, in the hope that others would be encouraged to create a better existence for their cat companions. Please share cat creations—ramps, enclosures, catwalks, toys, catios, or wonderful cat-themed designs—with fellow cat lovers to inspire even more creativity. Together, we can elevate the lives of felines everywhere! Thanks, Bob Walker & Frances Mooney

Bob Walker
cat climbing wall structure

Schuyler Samperton update

It's been quite some time since I blogged about LA based interior designer Schuyler Samperton ....

Cat Silhouette Cat Shelves

Cat Silhouette Cat Shelves - Creative Shelves to Catify a Room

Engage your cat's climbing instincts while showcasing your love of cats with the Cat Silhouette Cat Shelves. These sturdy, laser-cut shelves include plush pads that connect to the shelf's magnetic bottom. With three separate cat poses, you are sure to find at least one that you and your cat will love. American made.

DIY cat climber from shelves


When Charlene and her husband moved into a 5th floor apartment in Singapore, they were worried that their three cats Tyger, Neem Neem, and Xiaomao would have trouble adjusting to a smaller space, so they incorporated all sorts of cat-friendly features into the renovation. Inspired by The Cats’ House, they added climbing shelves, walkways, and openings... Read More

cat shelves, brilliant!



Modern Cat heaven! I love the use of white shelves covered in carpet on white walls. They blend in so nicely! I imagine that if you had another wall color, it would look really cool to paint the shelves to match it as well!

Cat Climbing Heaven All In White • hauspanther

This is one of the most stunning cat-friendly interiors I’ve seen! So simple and elegant, the crisp white design sets off the gorgeous cats, showcasing them as the beautiful creatures they are. Alinta clearly has an eye for design! The placement of...

Modular Cat Climbing Wall

Cat Climbing shelves



Cat shelves in one compact IKEA BILLY bookcase - IKEA Hackers

Cave Lion fashions a set of fantastic cat shelves from an IKEA BILLY bookcase. It looks pretty easy to do too. Looks fun!

Santa Monica Franklin Promenade - Cat Shelves Addition






Shelves for cat exercise (also love the stylish wallpaper), by Ana Paula Cavagnoli

Objectos De Desejo Australia | Common things to look for your handbags and shoes when choosing from a renowned brand in Australia

20200808 Popular brands that offer shoes and bag allow people to choose from a range of colors, styles and materials to match the needs but you need a few basic things to get a perfect one.

desire to inspire - - Cat house

Cat house

Ok, this has to be one of the coolest homes I've seen in a long time. And before you look any furt...

Side chair, and cat climbing tree for Sophie!

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