Heart Healthy Recipes

February is American Heart Month! Check out our favorite smart for the heart recipes that are low sodium, low cholesterol, low fat for you to enjoy.
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Walnut Broccoli Salad
Savor the refreshing blend of crispy bacon, juicy grapes, tangy red onion, and crunchy walnuts, all drizzled with a delicious poppy seed dressing. This salad is a perfect mix of savory, sweet, and nutty flavors. #JustAddWalnuts #Walnuts #WalnutRecipes #SummerRecipes
broccoli salad with poppy seed dressing and walnuts on a blue plate against a white background
Walnut Broccoli Salad
Delight in the refreshing flavors and textures of this salad, featuring crispy bacon, juicy grapes, tangy red onion, and crunchy walnuts, all brought together with a poppy seed dressing, creating a harmonious blend of savory, sweet, and nutty goodness. #JustAddWalnuts #Walnuts #WalnutRecipes #SummerRecipes
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Easy Walnut Recipes
Discover the countless ways walnuts add mild, nutty, buttery flavor and unparalleled texture to every course from savory appetizers, to hearty entrées and desserts.
the cover of an american heart association's heart - check mark certified recipe book
American-Heart Association Heart-Check Recipes
Ditch traditional bread for sweet potato slices for this gluten-free take on classic avocado toast. Diced walnuts offer some added crunch while red pepper flakes kick things up with a little heat. #walnuts #walnutrecipes #sweetpotatotoast #toastrecipe
a plate with strawberries, cucumbers and other vegetables on it next to the words walnuts and strawberry recipes learn more
Walnuts and Strawberry Recipes
the cover of an american heart association's heart - check mark certified recipe book
Heart Healthy Recipes
brussel sprouts and walnuts recipe with title
Brussel Sprouts and Walnut Recipes
two pieces of bread with bananas and walnuts on top, next to the words ricotta toast with walnuts
Ricotta Toast with Walnuts
Here's your next snack staple: Ricotta, Banana, Walnut Honey Toast. This heart-healthy certified recipe comes together in 10 minutes and keeps you fueled throughout the day! #HeartHealthy #PlantForward #Ricotta #RicottaToast
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Yam Skillet with Walnuts & Pears
This side dish might just outshine your main dish! Walnuts, pears, and yams cook together for a sweet and savory skillet. #PlantForward #HeartHealthyRecipes
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a bowl filled with broccoli, apples and walnuts on top of a table
Avocado Bowl with Pears & Walnuts
Plant-forward power never tasted so good! This heart-healthy quinoa bowl incorporates walnuts, pears, and avocado for the perfect mid-day fuel. #HeartHealthyRecipes #PowerBowl
tuna casserole with walnut crust in a bowl
Tuna Casserole with Walnut Crust
Your tuna casserole just got a whole lot tastier. Top this nostalgic dish with walnuts for an unexpected crunch. #ComfortFood #CasseroleRecipe
cranberry cookie overnight oatmeal in a glass jar on a table
Cranberry Cookie Overnight Oats
Mornings are busy during the holidays, but these overnight oats are one less thing to worry about. Cranberries, walnuts, and chia seeds combine for a scrumptious breakfast to keep you fueled throughout the day. #OvernightOatsRecipes #BreakfastRecipes
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green goddess tuna pinwheels on a white plate with walnuts next to it
Green Goddess Pinwheels
Give your classic tuna salad a makeover by turning it into a wrap! This healthy meal is filled with celery, apples, crunchy walnuts, and flavored with an herby green goddess dressing. #TunaWrap #HealthyMeals
black bean tomato salad with walnuts and corn
Toasted Walnut, Black Bean & Tomato Salad
This fresh mix of toasted walnuts, black beans, corn, tomatoes, mozzarella and scallions tossed in a zesty dressing is easy to make, and healrt-healthy! #LunchMealPrep #HeartHealthyRecipe #SaladIdeas
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Roasted Vegetables with Walnuts, Basil and Balsamic Vinaigrette - California Walnuts
Roasted Vegetables with Walnuts, Basil and Balsamic Vinaigrette - Brighten up the dinner table with this colorful dish that's accented with fresh basil.