Shop online: Color by Amber makes eco friendly bracelets and other sustainable jewelry.

Patent Cuff - Interlayer: Patent What's Inside: Tinted Film with a glossy finish on the ecoresin Cuff Width: Metals/Materials: Ecoresin

Amber Bracelet, Artisan Jewelry, Nepal, Hemp, Strands, Olives, Fiber

Necklace Lengths, Amber Necklace, Fishnet, Artisan Jewelry, Moroccan, Repurposed, Strong, Necklace Chain Lengths, Upcycling

Shop online: Color by Amber sells eco friendly earrings and other jewelry made from natural and sustainable materials.

Color By Amber, Amber Bracelet, Fishnet, Cuffs, Artisan Jewelry, Morocco, Repurposed, Strong, Cap

Necklace Lengths, Amber Necklace, Artisan Jewelry, Nepal, Hemp, Cap D'agde, Strands, Olives, Balls