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I don't get why everyone thinks that all we Canadians do it play hockey and make friends. We make buttertarts and maple syrup on sticks too, hello.<<<I have a friend in Canada who visits every so often, so I can prove that is true

I may not be Canadian, but I know

My mom's freezer looked just like this. And the barn door, and the neighbours garage door, and the wall in the hay loft.

I *heart* Tim Hortons! Wore the Jersey for the Buffalo Sabres until his death. We still miss you Timmy!

With a cozy pair of Canadian mittens like these, cold hands will never be a problem again! The iconic red mittens are worn by Canadians in support of their winter Olympic athletes.


Moose is actually my name so I am now a Canadian province, booyah peasants!

Canada Day on the MacDonald Bridge - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - Hubby crossed that many times!

Green News Weekly – Goodbye Canadian Penny, GRAMMYs Go Green and McDonald’s Promotes Sustainable Fishing