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catherine dubuc
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DIY backdrop

DIY Beach Wedding Inspiration Idea - Great as a backdrop to your main wedding reception table, for your ceremony or photo booth area, learn how to create this paper flower garland. by stacie

Leftover Mashed Potato Puffs

Could do some substitutions like kiefer- Leftover Mashed Potato Puffs. They’re combined with eggs, sour cream, cheese and chives then baked in a cupcake pan until golden and crusty with creamy middles. They don’t taste like leftovers.


Parmesan cups - one ingredient, four simple steps, virtually impossible to screw up. I'm sure you could make these on an inverted muffin tin. Accent pieces for Cesar salad

Bailey's Irish Coffee Cream Fudge

Bailey's Irish Coffee Cream Fudge Ingredients c margarine or butter 3 c sugar – c evaporated milk c bailey’s irish cream 1 Tbsp instant coffee crystals 7 oz jar marshmallow cream 1 pkg vanilla morsels or butterscotch chips 1 tsp vanilla extract

Chinese photographer Huang Qingjun has spent nearly 10 years travelling to remote areas in China to convince people to have their picture taken along with all of their possessions. At first glance it’s striking how little they own but as you look closer at each image you’ll discover items that might be unexpected.

Belongings of the Rural Chinese. Photographer Huang Qingjun recently travelled through rural China, convincing people to pose with all of their household possessions.

Lloyd’s Blog: Walk Among the Shipwrecks on the Bottom of the Aral Sea

Not necessarily abandoned: But, the disappearing of the Aral Sea has left behind a desert filled with shipwrecks. The Aral Sea is located in Uzbekistan & Kazakstan ( both countries were part of the Soviet Union)