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a woman with blonde hair and big hoop earrings is shown in an instagramtion
A Cup of Ambitious Dolly Parton Memes for Anyone Taking a Break From Working 9-to-5
an image of a man being tended to by two men in medieval clothing, with text that reads guys, are you sure this is a mri scan?
50 Funny Art Memes From “Art Memes Central” (New Pics)
an older woman is looking at the camera and has text on it that reads, some advice
Ew. Just ew. I don’t care where you are....there is no excuse for shorts when you have bad legs. Yuck!
there is a man in the back seat of a car that has snow on it
39 Funny Pics That Technically Aren't Wrong
Funny Pics That Technically Aren't Wrong (39 Images) - Funny Gallery