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Interested in the Celtic pantheon? Get to know these fascinating Celtic goddesses.
Artistic nude photo black and white by Diana Moonchant Portefólio

Art, Goddess / Witch

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Create personalized star maps and astrology charts with this enormous collection of astrological svg clipart & digital cosmic background graphics - including golden frames, celestial textures, antique astronomy symbols, arcane astronomy charts and mystic icon vectors. #astrology #astrostyle #zodiac #svgpack #digitalart #clipart
Make your Loved ones an one of a kind gift: Personal Energy Portraits are Visual Spirit Guide Readings. What is a Visual Spirit Guide Reading? It is a Spirit Guide Reading, which means a Personal message channeled from Spirit for you & your current moment in life. And it is also a channeled visualization of your Soul's Energy, a Personal Energy Portrait. Learn more & order your Personalized Soul Illustration & Spirit Guide Reading on my Etsy Shop. (Now is time to get it on time for Christmas!)

Art, General

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How to create an altar to Lilith, helpful when working with Lilith. Lilith eBook that helps you start your connection. Ideas for your Lilith Book of Shadows or Grimoire. Lilith Printable pages.
Turn your office space into a #witchy altar and bring some #magick into everyday. Great ideas for an incognito altar in your office.

Altar Example Setups

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Red clover flower is often associated with Love, Prosperity, Protection, Fertility, Intuition, Purification, and Abundance. Carrying or meditating with this herb clarifies your aura and allows negative energies holding you back to dispel/dissolve.
Incorporate the splendid jewel-toned beauty of the season into your spiritual rituals by exploring these creative methods for using fall leaves in your witchcraft and magical endeavors.
Discover how to attract abundance with this guide on how to complete the bay leaf manifestation for money! Learn how to harness the power of intention and bay leaves to manifest financial prosperity. This step-by-step guide will show you how to write your desires on a bay leaf, ignite its energy, and manifest your financial goals. Embrace the ancient and effective manifestation technique of using bay leaves to attract money and invite wealth into your life with this helpful guide.

Apothecary / Herbalism

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Dive deep into the cosmic connection between Aquarius and Gemini when you explore everything you need to know about their compatibility in our comprehensive guide. From shared interests to potential challenges, uncover the dynamics that define the astrological match of Aquarius and Gemini. Whether you're an astrology enthusiast or seeking relationship insights, unlock the secrets of Aquarius and Gemini compatibility when you explore this complete compatibility report of these two air signs.
Elevate your cosmic energy with the perfect crystals for Aquarius! Explore our guide to the 10 powerful crystals every Aquarius should own, aligning with their unique traits and enhancing their spiritual journey. From innovative amethyst to transformative labradorite, discover the best Aquarius gemstones that resonate with Aquarian energy. Embrace the magic of crystal healing and unlock your full potential as an Aquarius when you explore this list of the best crystals for Aquarius.
Dive into the ethereal world the Pisces zodiac sign with our guide to the best crystals for these sensitive and intuitive people! Explore crystals like amethyst and moonstone that resonate with Piscean energy, enhancing their spiritual connection and inner wisdom. Elevate your spiritual journey with these powerful Pisces gems. Embrace the magic of crystal healing tailored to Pisces traits when you check out this guide on the best crystals for the Pisces astrological sign.


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Harmonize your energy with our guide to 10 powerful crystals designed to unblock your throat chakra! Learn about the symptoms of a blocked throat chakra and then discover the crystals that can help heal it. Explore the unique properties of each crystal, from soothing blue lace agate to transformative lapis lazuli. Elevate your spiritual journey and embrace crystal healing to foster clear communication and self-expression. Unblock and balance your throat chakra with these empowering gemstones.
Discover the keys to healing your solar plexus chakra with this guide on 10 effective techniques you can use to heal the solar plexus chakra. Dive deep into our guide, featuring practical tips, meditation techniques, and affirmations designed to harmonize the powerful solar plexus chakra energy center. Reclaim your personal power, confidence, and joy by healing the solar plexus chakra. Start your journey to chakra balance today with this guide on how to heal your solar plexus chakra.
Do you think you might have a blocked solar plexus chakra. You can now empower your inner self by checking out this guide on signs of a blocked solar plexus chakra and how to heal your solar plexus chakra! Explore yoga poses, essential oils, and mindful practices to restore balance and boost your personal power. Learn how to heal the solar plexus chakra with our transformative guide. Elevate your energy and embrace a life of confidence when you discover how to heal the solar plexus chakra.


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Sleep peacefully with the power of crystals! Discover the very best crystals to banish nightmares and promote restful sleep and good dreams. From amethyst to black tourmaline, explore gemstones known for their calming and protective properties. Elevate your bedtime routine and invite positive energies into your sleep space with these powerful crystals that stop nightmares. Sweet dreams await when you check out this list of the best crystals to stop nightmares and have good dreams every night.
Travel with confidence and protection when you discover the 10 powerful protection crystals you should carry with you for safe travels. From black tourmaline to hematite, explore these potent travel protection gemstones known for their ability to ward off negative energies and promote a sense of security on your journeys. Elevate your travel experience and ensure peace of mind with these essential crystal companions. Be sure to check out these best crystals to carry with you for safe travel!
Recharge your spirit with the power of crystals! Explore our guide to getting a powerful energy boost with these transformative gemstones. From vibrant citrine to soothing amethyst, discover the crystals that elevate your vibrations and enhance your well-being. Dive into the magic of crystal energy and revitalize your life with these potent allies. Explore our top picks of the best healing crystals for a powerful energy boost and start tackling everything on your to-do list today!

Crystal Magic / Uses

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Septarian Geodes with Calcite Inclusions - Your Choice – The Stone Maidens
Aquamarine Rune Set Elder Futhark Runes Ritual Tools Aquamarine Crystal Runes Witchy Decor Pagan Gift - Etsy Canada

Crystals For Sale

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Lilith's Oracle is a tarot sized deck featuring the lessons of Lilith. 28 card deck, perfect for Lilith witchcraft.
Prayer to Lilith, from the printable ebook, Lilith's Grimoire. Book of shadows page ideas.
The sigils of Lilith. Their meaning and where they come from. Ideas for your Lilith Book of Shadows or Grimoire. Lilith Printable pages.


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Learn playing card divination with this printable zine! Get 52 card meanings, 2 simple spreads, and digital + foldable formats. Perfect for beginners!  #playingcarddivination #cartomancy #learntarot #beginnertarotist #divinationzine #printablespiritual #etsyfinds
Are you fascinated by the mystique of La Sibylle des Salons? Discover the in-depth meanings of each card in this comprehensive guide. Elevate your readings and tap into the wisdom of this classic oracle deck. #lasibylledessalons #oracle #cardmeanings #divination #tarot
Tap into the mystical allure of the past with these printable vintage LaSibylle des Salons oracle cards. Perfect for intuitive readings and soulful reflection. ✨

Divination / Mediumship

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Psychedelic experiences offer a profound journey through the mind, breaking patterns of thought and behavior. In a controlled setting, psychedelics dissolve mental barriers, fostering new connections and insights. While visuals and sensations may be intense, the real transformation occurs on a deeper level, uncovering hidden truths and resolving unresolved issues. Afterwards, individuals often report clarity and renewal, forging deeper connections and finding purpose. Yet, caution is essential; these experiences require a safe environment and experienced facilitators like The Microdose Mentor to navigate and integrate the insights gained.
Let your genius shine through! Experience energy healing to clear resistance and intuitive copywriting that speaks your truth. Elevate your sales page with authenticity and connect with your audience on a soul level. Ready to own your genius? Click to know more now!
Discover the art of spiritual cleansing through incense rituals. Dive into diverse incense types and their unique benefits, guiding your path to mindful rituals. Elevate your spiritual journey with informed choices.

Energy Work / Healing / Manifestation

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Porcelain Ball Jointed Doll by Delfina Dolls. Doll in Early Medieval costume.


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Create a distinctive space with bewitching wall mural featuring a collection of framed illustrations of fantastic animals, insects and sea creatures that have never before existed. Design from Blixa 6 Studios.
The Haunting of Hill House art poster by Fabryka Baniek on Etsy.
This beautiful Amethyst Crystal Pentacle Wall Hanging measures 5 inches. Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, activates spiritual awareness, helps to relieve stress and tension, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone. It guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love and protecting the wearer from all types of harm, stress and ill wishes from others. It has strong healing and cleansing powers

Home Decor / Gifts

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Nurturing Goddess Statue and Tealight Candles Holder// Wiccan Altar// Goddess// Goddess Statue// #goddess #witchy #goddessstatue #wiccanaltar #witch #witchcraft #affiliate

Idols, Statues, Masks & Ornaments

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Inspired by Queen of the Night from The Magic Flute.
Labradorite skull pendant handmade unique piece from Elemental Magic Crafts
Introducing the Crystal Fehu Rune Custom amulet, a powerful symbol of abundance, prosperity, and success. This amulet is handcrafted from three pieces of high-quality quartz crystal, carefully arranged in the shape of the Fehu rune, with a little labradorite stone in the middle.


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Are you ready for a career transformation? Manifest the job offer you desire with our proven techniques! With this guide on how to manifest a job offer, you'll explore the power of positive energy, intention setting, and visualization to attract the perfect job into your life. Say goodbye to job-search stress and sending out resumes without getting a response. Instead, welcome career opportunities with open arms! Start manifesting your ideal job today when you learn how to manifest a job offer.
You can unlock the law of attraction for career success when you dive into our guide on how to manifest a job offer effortlessly. With these 5 easy steps, you can manifest a job offer and start working your dream career. Explore practical tips, affirmations, and visualization exercises to align your energy with professional abundance. Take control of your career path and invite new opportunities with intention when you explore this helpful guide on how to manifest a job offer today!
Manifest your dream job with our step-by-step guide on how to manifest a job offer. Learn powerful techniques and affirmations to attract the perfect job offer into your life. From visualization exercises to positive mindset shifts, discover the secrets to manifesting professional success. Whether you're seeking a career change or searching for your dream job, this tips on how to manifest a job offer can help. Elevate your career journey and start manifesting your dream job today!

Magick Tips, Spells, Recipes

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Did you know that RFRA, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, varies from state to state? You can just Google it to find out if your state protects your spiritual choices. It's all about freedom of religion, which is something our founding fathers fought for back in 1776. Its important to know and protect your constitutional rights!

Here's something interesting: RFRA also protects ordained ministers of sacred mushroom churches, like me. That means we can legally use mushrooms as part of our religious practices. If you join a church like Psanctuary, you not only get legal protection but also become part of a cool community of like-minded folks too! This church is community led, with no religious dogma or beliefs. We come into these sacred unities believing in the healing power of nature.
Find me on Instagram. @themicrodosementor
Taking care of your mental health and protecting yourself from the harmful aspects of social media are important. What can we do to engage meaningfully and protect our self esteem from the overuse of social media?

Meditation / Spirituality

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The unikursal hexagram is a single-line six-pointed symbol, famously associated with Aleister Crowley's philosophy. It's a representation of the interconnectedness of all things in a continuous line, reflecting the seamless unity of the spiritual and material worlds. Its simplicity masks its depth, making it a powerful emblem in mystical practices.


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Im over here patiently waiting for fellow 30 somethings who are trying their best to find my page.

Girlies who…

like travel, but are also mindful of their budgets

Cook healthy meals, eat less meat and work out, but won't say no to a hard to get reservation.

love getting in bed early with a good book (preferably personal development but a fun fantasy is fun too!) but also love the o occasional wild night out. 

care about important issues, but also like to gossip about pop culture.

appreciate sustainability and shopping our closets, but also love a good sale

think about the future but also want to stay in the moment.

Let’s be friends.
Unlock the secrets to manifesting happiness in your life! Discover actionable tips and techniques to attract positivity and joy. From gratitude practices to visualization exercises, learn how to align your energy with happiness and invite a brighter, more fulfilling journey with this complete guide on how to manifest happiness. You deserve to be happy, and you'll learn how to achieve happiness with this helpful guide. Start your happiness manifestation journey today with these actionable tips!
Harness the power of manifestation to invite happiness into your life! Explore the practical steps and mindset shifts you need to know to cultivate a joyful and harmonious existence. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. You can do exactly that when you learn how to manifest happiness with these easy steps. Embrace the art of deliberate creation and let the universe guide you toward a more uplifting and fulfilling reality when you learn how to manifest happiness into your life starting today!

Mindfulness / Self Care

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Harness the energy of the full moon with these powerful rituals! Explore transformative full moon practices designed to amplify intentions, release negativity, and manifest dreams. From moonlight meditations to crystal ceremonies, discover the full moon rituals that resonate with your spiritual journey. Elevate your connection to the lunar cycle and unlock the magic of the full moon's energy when you discover these best full moon rituals you should do every month to have the best month ever!
Step into the magic of the new moon with our guide to 12 powerful new moon rituals you should do for your best month ever! Explore a variety of practices that harness the lunar energy of the new moon for manifestation and spiritual alignment. From journaling prompts to candle rituals, discover ways to honor the new moon and amplify your intentions. Embrace the cosmic cycle of renewal and embark on a journey of transformation with these empowering new moon rituals you should be doing this month.
Embrace the fresh start of the new moon with our curated collection of 12 powerful new moon rituals you should be doing! Discover sacred practices that honor the lunar cycle and empower your intentions, from moonlight meditations to crystal grids. Tap into the energy of new beginnings and set intentions for manifestation, healing, and growth. Elevate your spiritual practice with these transformative rituals designed for the new moon phase. Learn more about new moon rituals for your best month!

Moon Phases

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Music for good Dreams beautiful relaxing meditation music for stress relief. This music to meditate on will help you get better sleep. Listen to the calming music and gentle rain sounds, you will feel total relaxation.


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You can unlock the divine messages in your life when you explore the mystical significance of angel number 20 and decode the spiritual guidance it brings. Delve into the meaning behind the powerful numerical sequence of angel number 20, and discover the cosmic insights it holds for your journey. Embrace the synchronicities and tap into the divine wisdom surrounding angel number 20. Your spiritual journey awaits when you learn why the universe keeps showing you angel number 20.
Unravel the cosmic messages with our guide on why the universe Keeps showing you angel number 77777. Dive into the spiritual significance of this powerful angelic sequence and decode the divine messages it holds for your journey. Explore the mystical realms and understand the guidance, blessings, and transformative energies that surround the recurring appearance of angel number 77777 in your life. Embrace the cosmic connection and elevate your spiritual awareness with the wisdom of the universe.
Unlock the divine messages with our guide on what the universe is trying to tell you with angel number 100. Explore the spiritual significance and symbolism behind this powerful numerical sequence, and discover the profound insights and guidance it may offer. Elevate your spiritual awareness and embrace the celestial energies as you decode the hidden messages behind angel number 100. Discover the meaning and significance of angel number so you know what the universe is trying to tell you.


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