Learning English with Michelle: 144 Things Canada Has Given the World

On Canada's birthday, 144 things Canadians have given to the world apart from Canadians.

Canada day shirt for the kids

I used to do this every year with my students for Camp Canada. LOVE the green tape idea - that part I didn't do!

Canada Day Wall Art V2 - I'd prefer we move to singing the line 'in all of us command'... But Canada is a great & caring nation. We must be thankful for it & give all we can to it & its many people.

Canada Day Home Decor Printables & Instagram Sign

Great craft for the kids =) Brought to you by Shoplet.ca - everything for your business.

Canada Day Wreath Craft for Kids

June art For Canada day. The kids will have a blast making their very own patriotic decorations for Canada Day this year.

Canada 150 logo

University of Waterloo student Ariana Cuvin beat 300 other submissions in a design contest to create a logo for Canada's anniversary, which is coming up in The logo will be featured on special products commemorating the event.

Print a perfect little boredom buster to get the kids in the spirit of Canada Day!

Canada Day I Spy Game

Print a perfect little boredom buster to get the kids in the spirit of Canada Day!

Maple Leaf Tic Tac Toe - a fun activity for Canada Day!

Print and play our simple maple leaf tic tac toe game with kids on Canada Day!

Celebrate Canada Day at an event with these easy to make fun Canada Day crowns for kids. A great craft and easy decoration to spice up the party! 20 options available including ones with flags!

20 Canada Day Crowns

Celebrate Canada Day with these easy to make fun Canada Day crowns. It's a great crafitivity to engage young children and get them excited about celebrating Canada Day! 20 options available.

Fun to wave at a parade or just for waving around! Perfect for Canada Day {One Time Through}

20+ Canada Day Activities and Crafts

Love these fun streamer wands for Canada Day! A perfect craft to make with the kids.

Simple Canada Day Wreath (made from a paper plate and tissue paper). Cute!

Canada Day Wreath