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there are many items on the table in this room, including pens and pencils
@gretlusky Desk Setup
Gretel Lusky (Illustrator & Comic Artist)
a wooden shelf with many different colored paints on it
Slide&Tilting Drawer Paint Shelf OPERA-19B (For Lacquer)
a clock made out of wood with colorful buttons on the face and numbers painted on it
This Clock is a fun idea and I also love Art!!
there is a pegboard with many items on it
From cluttered to classy, organized art canvas storage - IKEA Hackers
a white board mounted to the side of a wall next to a wooden framed object
My paint tube wall unit - Liz Steel
Liz Steel: My paint tube wall unit
an assortment of different types of sauces on a wooden tray with napkins in front of them
Acrylic and Oil Paint Tube Storage Ideas (Recommendations) - Tangible Day
Acrylic and oil paint tube paint rack - best paint tube storage racks and displays - how to store paint tubes
a white basket filled with different colored spools of thread on top of a black chair
Craft Nook Organization Party
there are many knives in the holder on the table
20 General Craft Storage Ideas - The Scrap Shoppe