Martin Gauthier

Martin Gauthier

Martin Gauthier
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Amazing small house homes tiny cottage rustic cabin

Amazing rustic cabin small house home cabin timber cottage. Scott Newkirk, a fashion stylist and interior designer, leads the usual hectic city life. He spends every weekend living off the grid at his house in Yulan, New York.

Even slices of cake

Let your OCD be known by all. When they want to make fun of you, throw their perfectly sliced piece of cake directly into their face.

Shot glass card

This is 55 Hi’s Shot Glass Card. It’s a birthday card that can be folded into a usable shot glass. There’s a video demonstrating the kind of coordination it’ll take to put the thing together.

Water walking ball

Water Walking Ball/ now this looks like fun excercise!

Galactic lollipops

Unleash your inner Galactus with Vintage Confections' "Planets solar system space ball style hard candy lollipop". The lollipops feature images.

Puzzle Lunch Punch

Innovative Lunch Punch sandwich cutters serve 3 really helpful purposes…they make kids food fun to eat, removes crust with minimal waste, and conveniently cuts sandwiches into two nifty-sized pieces all in one cookie-cutter style cutout!


Screwnicorn: The Unicorn Corkscrew - At last - a unicorn corkscrew!