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Making Sense of the Mess: The Global Financial Crisis [via Six Revisions] Finance Bank, Finance Tips, Visualisation, Data Visualization, Us Submarines, Assurance Vie, Health Insurance Coverage, Spiritus, Social Determinants Of Health

40 Useful and Creative Infographics

Information graphics (or infographics) are graphical depictions of data and information. By presenting information in a compact and creative approach, infographics are able to quickly convey knowledge and engage its viewers. Infographics are highly likely to receive star ratings because they’re easy to understand, quicker to read through, and require less effort. In this collection, you’ll find forty beautiful and educational infographics, displaying the uncommon spectacle of “art meets…

Descent into Credit Card Debt Hell - Finance Infographic Paying Off Credit Cards, Credit Card Interest, Show Me The Money, Financial Literacy, Debt Payoff, Personal Finance, Blog, Infographics, Mint

The Descent into Credit Card Debt

When used wisely, credit cards can be the cornerstone of a sound financial strategy. A solid credit history makes you a good credit risk and that in turn allows you to purchase the necessities of l…

Mint Infographic: Raise the Roof: The U. Debt Ceiling and Its Global Implications - Column Five Media Information Design, Information Graphics, Wealth Management, Us Government, Data Visualization, Student Work, Higher Education, Problem Solving, Debt

Raise the Roof: a Look at the U.S. Debt Ceiling

The U.S. just blew past the $14.3 trillion debt limit. Why should you care? Here’s what’s at stake.

JP Morgan explains the euro crisis with lego. The debt crisis in the European… Lego Minifigs, Lego Duplo, Used Legos, Amazing Lego Creations, The Third Man, Lego Man, Financial Markets, 9 Year Olds

JP Morgan explains the euro crisis with lego

This chart comes from a Michael Cembalest's research note today.

Since we know the funds did not go to Indiana pension holders, where did Lugar's TARP bailout money go? State Street, Bank Of America, Big Picture, Investing, How To Plan, Education, Infographics, Indiana

TARP vs Earnings, Bonuses - The Big Picture

This is a rather instructive graphic, courtesy of Finacial Services Technology US: Bonuses break the bank