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an orange cat standing on top of a cement bench next to a white fence and text that reads, life is short so are my legs?
Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 26 Pics
Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 26 Pics
five bars of soap sitting on top of a wooden table next to scissors and cutting board
How to Make Bird Suet Cakes
How to Make Bird Suet Cakes
two owls sitting on top of a bird house
Owl Cameras
I would love to make this Barred Owl box, but where would a three foot tall bird house go?
two owls sitting on a tree branch next to a birdhouse that is built into the side of a tree
Screech Owl Nest Box Plans
a bird house with a heart shaped window and flowers in the foreground, surrounded by greenery
Do you group your collections? - Funky Junk Interiors
how to make birdhouses out of baskets - Google Search
a black and white bird sticking its head out of a wooden door
Backyard Birding Do's & Don'ts
DON'T use pegs or landing platforms on bird houses. Our native songbirds don't need them to use the bird house, and they will only attract pest birds that use them to steal or eat the eggs.
three pictures showing how to make bird feeders from cardboard boxes and other items that are hanging on the side of a wooden table
Bird House: How to Build a Wren House
Build an attractive birdhouse that will last for a lifetime, yet only takes a few minutes to build. All you need to create a welcoming home for wrens and other small birds is a short piece of plastic fence post. Learn how to build this non-wood birdhouse at
two birds sitting on top of a tree branch, Claim Your Brand!
Cedar Waxwings
a bird sitting on top of a tree branch next to leaves and berries in the foreground
Cedar Waxwing
a wooden bird feeder hanging from a chain
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