Kleur alle kledingstukken die 2 keer voorkomen / Белоснежка выстирала одежду гномов. Найти и раскрась вещи, которые встречаются дважды. Раскрась рисунок

Use for a laundry activity - write numbers or sight words to practice a color by number/sight word game :)

Spanish clothes words- numbers correspond to clothes words. Roll a die and color what you roll, skip your turn if its already colored. (body parts too)

Game with dice and a picture to teach vocabulary to kids learning Spanish

Home Staging Tip For Sellers: Capitalize on Your Closets. Every closet, cabinet and drawer in your home has the potential to impress a buyer.

Jeu des 7 familles | GRATUIT FLE fiches pédagogiques

Jeu des 7 familles | GRATUIT FLE fiches pédagogiques

Clothes in French

First Grade French Foreign Language Worksheets: Clothes in French- I would white out the pronunciation tips before making copies.