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there are buttons and paper on top of the book page with words written in it
Easy Button Magnets | How to make them |
button magnets
a stack of blankets sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
Winter Accessories Made in the UK
In love with these tones.
a basket filled with forks and spoons on top of a table next to napkins
26 Ways To Save Money On Your Dream Wedding
Recycled cutlery
a bunch of plates are hanging on the wall
Purl Soho | Beautiful Yarn For Beautiful Knitting
they look like wonderful plates...
a tea kettle with a handle on it
Kitchen Covets - A Holiday Gift Guide
Zero Japan teapots Available thru Bee House Very cool.
four different colored vases sitting next to each other
curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of andreas engesvik
“The Woods” by Oslo based artist/designer Andreas Engesvik: “The inspiration was found in the forests and the lights of the North. A tree changing colours and transparency through the seasons is a fascinating process which was captured in this glass object.”
two glass vases filled with plants and rocks
Modern Furniture, Home Decor, Lighting & More
Wood + Glass Terrarium, Medium At West Elm - Planters & Terrariums
a round mirror hanging on the wall
espejo vintage redondo de madera ref. 087 - Va de Vintage |
wood mirror
there is a glass clochel with paper cut out of animals in the woods
LittleOrphanAmmo's Bohemian Slapfight
ah: papercut terrarium
two lamps that are hanging in the air
Clay Pendant
a room with a chair, bookshelf and a violin on the floor in front of it
Design You Trust
Sori Yanagi