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Chuck Fowler
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Logical fallacies: recognize them in speeches, articles, or conversation to help you counter arguments.

Types of logical fallacies. Be aware of these when u & others are speaking, debating, writing & communicating in any form. Healthy thinking avoids these pathways bc they lead to illogical conclusions & vain arguments.

Photography Tips. Shutter speed, ISO, aperture.

Manual Exposure Cheatsheet - Master manual photography with your digital SLR. We figured it was only appropriate for our first post to give something back. This exposure cheat sheet covers the basics of mastering manual exposure with a SLR camera.

How to Shoot in Manual Mode. Broken down step by step! Now THIS makes sense! Love this cheat sheet!

Trick, Photography Book - Have you used manual Mode on your camera and was disappointed by the results?… - Now YOU Can Create Mind-Blowing Artistic Images With Top Secret Photography Tutorials With Step-By-Step Instructions!