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Drunk Jenga Time to step this one up a bit and write a few drinks on each tile. Whatever the tile says you do! Use giant boards to make it even better! via Samargent Battle Shots Just like battleship, but with shots… be careful with this one!

Sex on Malibu Beach! For more recipes, visit us here:

Sex on Malibu Beach Cocktail + Red Sugar Rimmed Glass + 1 oz ml) Vodka + oz ml) Peach Schnapps + oz ml) Coconut Rum + 1 oz ml) Cranberry Juice + 2 oz ml) Orange Juice + Splash of Grenadine + Top with a Cherry

This drink tastes just like a cinnamon roll covered in icing Cinnabon Drink Recipe Ingredients 1 Part Fireball Whiskey 3 Parts Cream Soda Serves: 1 Directions Pour ingredients into a shaker Add ice and shake Pour and enjoy!