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25 Cool and Fun Loft Beds for Kids -

Loft beds are excellent space saving ideas for small rooms. Nothing better than a loft bed makes a small bedroom more spacious, functional and comfortable. Loft beds create extra s

rare sand cat born in captivity. look at his cute little stripes <3

After 63 days of gestation, a rare Sand Cat Kitten was born at Israel's Zoological Center Tel Aviv Ramat Gan - Safari. Once plentiful in numbers in the dunes of Israel, the Sand Cat has become extinct in the region.

Top 10 Small Dogs that Don't Shed

Shedding is one of the most annoying things about taking care of a dog. It's especially difficult for the kind of dogs that sit in your lap! Here's a list of the top 10 small dogs that don't shed.

So if u are twins and u call ur twin ugly well. u are calling ur self ugly to cause ur twins see. I hope u get the picture