Conclave of Shadows #3, Oct/09

Exile's Return (Conclave of Shadows, Book (Paperback) - I've read to many of the Feist books out of synchronicity and too far apart. I need to find synopses.

Legends #2, Oct/09

Legends of the Riftwar Book 2 - Murder in LaMut. Raymond E Feist & Joel Rosenberg

Darkwar #1, Oct/09

Flight of the Nighthawks ebook by Raymond E Feist - Rakuten Kobo

Legends #1, Mar/09

Honored Enemy: Legends of the Riftwar. Book 17 of the Riftwar Cycle.

Conclave of Shadows #1, Mar/09

Precision Series Talon of the Hawk: Conclave of Shadows Book 1


"King of foxes - conclave of shadows" av Raymond E. Feist - Bought used at a second hand bookshop

Demonwar #2, Apr/10

At the Gates of Darkness: Book Two of the Demonwar Saga