Very cool!

Secret door to hidden room! Teal blue walls and arched secret door opens to hidden room. Faux bookcase opens to secret room.

Fall on Your Knees: Ann-Marie Macdonald: Books    Spellbinding, depressing, amazing, disturbing.    One of my favorites, but certainly not for everyone and certainly not light reading.   She has a way with words, this woman.

Fall On Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald. Horrible things happen to the characters, like watching a slow-motion train wreck. (Just don't read it because Oprah said to. Do it because you're looking for a good book.

Another author who has a compelling, poetic way with words.     Again, a warning for disturbing content.  (So many of the books I like are disturbing.  I blame counsellor brain.)

Web of Angels bestselling novelist Lilian Nattel explores the vivid reality of what used to be called multiple personality disorder. A Vintage Canada trade paperback original.

The Way the Crow Flies    Another epic from Ann-Marie MacDonald.   if you've not read either Fall on your Knees or this one, read this first, because it's not as staggeringly amazing as FOYK.    Disturbing in parts, but brilliantly written.

Before the bulldozers arrive, this Vancouver artist turns empty houses into works of art

The Way the Crow Flies - Ann-Marie MacDonald One of my all time favorite books and authors

Rush Home Road (Lori Lansens)    Her writing is not fancy, or embellished,but the story and the characters draw you in.   I was actually sad when this one was over.

My first Lori Lansens book. A reference from my dear sister (before she passed away). Our mom has alzheimer's and it touched more than a nerve, it moved me to appreciate my life much more.