Luxury Ice Cream by Chapman's!

Redefining indulgence with every bite. Visit to discover this luxury ice cream line!
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What Super Premium Plus flavour matches your personality? 😉
There’s a Super Premium Plus flavour for everyone! Discover this luxury ice cream line at Available in a store near you!
Girl’s night calls for luxury ice cream!
Bring this luxury treat to your next get together! The convenient 500mL size gives you the opportunity to try more flavours! Which flavour would you grab first? 🥰
The Ultimate Coffee Lover's Ice Cream! 🤎☕
Our Super Premium Plus Cold Brew Coffee won Product of The Year in the ice cream category for 2024, from a survey of 4,000 people by Kantar. 😃 Wondering what an award-winning luxury ice cream tastes like? Indulge in this peanut free, nut free, and egg free 500mL masterpiece, by locating it in a store near you! 👀