Refreshing Summer Desserts

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Launch into this weekend with a Li’l extra flare! 🚀
These Li’l rockets are small but mighty flavourful! Check them out at!
tulips and ice cream sit on a table
Cherry Sorbet
two bowls filled with ice cream and sliced kiwis
Cherry Sorbet
an ice cream sundae next to a bowl of strawberries
Cherry Sorbet
three bowls of ice cream, berries and blueberries on a table with other desserts
Triple Berry Sorbet
Nature, Tropical, Wave
Tropical Wave Sorbet
a woman in a dress playing an ukulele on the beach with pineapples
Mango Sorbet
three scoops of ice cream next to two bowls with spoons on the table
Orange, Triple Berry and Mango Sorbet
Lemoncello, Sari
Lemoncello Sorbet
a woman holding up a box of candy in the snow with her nose painted to look like a cat
Tiger Paw Sorbet Bar
Premium milk chocolate, refreshing orange sorbet, 90 calories per serving, all Natural flavours and colours. This bar checks all the boxes for flavour, indulgence and a healthier option. -Sophisticated indulgence with no guilt -Only 90 calories per serving -Only 55ml per serving -Highest quality chocolate -Made with 100% Canadian milk -With sustainably sourced ice cream sticks -Perfect for the whole family
Join us for the 5K Foam Fest 2024!
We are travelling across Canada with the @5kfoamfestfunrun getting muddy and foamy all summer long! Grab our Li’l Lolly frozen treat at the finish line! We are having a blast at these one-of-a-kind obstacle courses. See you there, Canada! 🍁
banana and chocolate pops on a plate next to two bananas
Chocolate and Banana Lolly's
Looking for a little treat that’s big on flavor and low on calories? Check out our lineup of Chapman’s Lolly’s. Made with all natural flavours and colours, our Lolly's will cool you down on a hot summer day or soothe a sore throat in no time. Our Lolly Water Ice treats are peanut free, nut free and gluten free and come in a sensible 50 mL size. With a rainbow spectrum of colours and flavours these Lolly’s come in fun shapes that are sure to make you smile.
popsicles, orange slices and ice cream on a marble counter top next to some snacks
Super Creamy
bananas and yogurt on a tray next to a package of banana peels
Banana Lolly's