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Charity Topham

Charity Topham
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The "Mood Booster" Playlist

A playlist made of songs that will instantly boost your mood! Spread the Happy Music Vibes everyone!

Protection bath spell

Witches running the best baths ever and being wonderful hosts of houseguests, especially with girls in need. This is how they meet Vanessa, but she's just jipping them

Reconnect in simple ways to lead a more positive, uplifting, spiritually focused life. Use these simple steps to experience a more spiritual connection on different levels everyday.

Try these Simple Steps towards a spiritual life. Spirituality is more than your religion, it is your connection to your soul & humanity.

The third eye chakra is the gateway to higher realms... Find more spiritual tarot spreads online at

When this chakra is balanced we see someone who is self-aware. They are calm and clear minded - connected to a state of higher consciousness. With a third eye chakra imbalance we see migraines, headaches and even mood.