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For the entire rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), it has brutally oppressed religious beliefs, and the Party has been making another major… #religious_freedom #China_religion #Christian_videos #Human_rights_reedom #Religion_and_Human_Rights #FilmFestival

The Long Road of Exile touches German Viewers: Admiration for Their Steadfast Faith | Eastern Lightning

From February 25 to March 1, 2019, the Phenomenal Film Festival was held in the Philippines, where The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything, a large-scale choral documentary produced by The Church of Almighty God won Best Music Score. The film, screened on the 28th, enjoyed an enthusiastic reception. One film festival judge expressed that this is an astounding film that is a must-see for every person. #FilmFestival #Christian #Bestmovie #Christian_video #ChristianDocumentary

Enthusiastic Response to This Must See Christian Film in Philippines | Eastern Lightning

"In May 2018, The Church of Almighty God released a large-scale choral documentary, The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything, a classic work of testimony to the Creator’s almightiness and sovereignty. It incorporates grand and powerful special effects and lovely, moving choral music,laying out before viewers’ eyes the facts of God’s grasp over the entire universe and world, His rule over mankind’s fates, and how He has propelled human history. ..." #God's_authority #FilmFestival #Gospel
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The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything Screenings Inspire Audience to Ponder Life’s Mysteries | Eastern Lightning

"On September 14, 2018, Toronto, located on the shores of Lake Ontario in North America, welcomed the 2nd Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival (CIFF). This film festival was established particularly for films related to family and faith in order to promote more understanding and recognition of these kinds of films among the general public and showcase the most excellent films on these topics from across the globe. ..." #FilmFestival #documentary #Christian #Bestmovie…
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The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything Wins Audience Acclaim at Canadian Film Festival | Eastern Lightning

"Xiaozhen's Story, a musical by The Church of Almighty God, has been the object of much attention and praise since its 2015 release, winning multiple awards at international film festivals. In October 2017, the film received nine awards at the Virginia Christian Film Festival, including best director, best feature film, and best musical score. Xiaozhen's Story once again stood out at the US KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival, winning the award for the best foreign experimental feature. ..."…
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Los Angeles North Hollywood KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival: Musical Xiaozhen's Story Wins Award | Eastern Lightning

"The kingdom has descended; the new age has begun; God has returned!" This is the most stirring of the good tidings from The Church of Almighty God's musical—Every Nation Worships the Practical God. On January 27, 2018, this musical, bearing witness that Jesus the Savior has already returned, was shown at the Virginia Christian Film Festival. In one fell swoop, it won six awards, including Best Feature Film, Best Choreography, Best Music and Best Acting. #FilmFestival #Christian #dance…
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Virginia Christian Film Festival: Musical "Every Nation Worships the Practical God" Wins Six Awards | Eastern Lightning

"The musical, Xiaozhen's Story, raked in nine awards, including those for best director, best feature film, best musical score, and so on, at the Christian Film Festival in Virginia, United States. Since its release in 2015, this musical, with the unfolding of life's transformation as its theme, has received multiple awards one after another in countries such as Russia, India, America, and so on. This is the 7th time since its first screening that this movie has won film festival awards. "…
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Virginia Christian Film Festival: The Musical Drama "Xiaozhen's Story" Rakes in Nine Awards | Eastern Lightning

"Hello everyone! Thank you for turning into this episode of Movie Reviews. Movies with faith-related themes have gained more and more concern in recent years. In this movie, the protagonist goes through ups and downs but eventually comes out from his plight by relying on God. It is sure to bring hope to and touch many people who are awash in confusion. This is the kind of movie that “Child, Come Back Home” is. ..." #FilmFestival #Christian #Bestmovie #Christian_video #How_to_educate_children
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Movie Review | Child, Come Back Home: How a Gaming-Addicted Boy Successfully Turns His Life Around | Eastern Lightning

Movie Review | Child, Come Back Home: How a Gaming-Addicted Boy Successfully Turns His Life Around

“This film was adapted from a Christian’s real-life experiences; this moving story is full of twists and turns and profoundly meaningful. ” #Education #Life_changing #Familymarriage #FilmFestival #Christian
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Film Review-Finding a Harbor for the Soul: Understand the Moving Film Where Is My Home in 6 Minutes | Eastern Lightning

"On May 5, 2018, the industry-renowned International Christian Film and Music Festival came to a successful conclusion in the city of Orlando, located in the southern United States. The five-day film festival drew in over 700 Christian film works from all over the world, and the film Where Is My Home, produced by The Church of Almighty God, was nominated for Best Screenplay. " #FilmFestival #Christian #Bestmovie #Christian_video  #GospelMovie
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ICFF Organizers: Where Is My Home—A Film the World Needs | Eastern Lightning