Charlotte Riviere

Charlotte Riviere

Charlotte Riviere
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The Norwex Rubber Brush removes hair, lint, crumbs and dust from textiles, pets, furniture and carpeted stairs. It's great for removing debris from dry mops and dusting mitts by sweeping the brush in a downward motion.

Have your stainless steel appliances lost their shine? Covered in marks that won't polish off? Use this secret tip to get back your shine!

Take care of your appliances! Chemical free, no scratches, good as new! Get your no-filler soap and Norwex cloth today at www.

How's this for impressive? Fellow Norwex Consultant, Rachel Burt, shared this picture of cleaning her bathroom tile with the Norwex Cleaning Paste and a SpiriSponge. Almost makes me want to get down and scrub some floors. Purchase Cleaning Paste here:

Another great use of the awesome Norwex mop system!

Mop Brackets are another optional attachment for the mop base. These will allow you to attach an EnviroCloth or Window Cloth to reach and clean windows and higher places with the telescoping mop handle.