That moment when you start thinking in two languages at the same time.

Bilingualism in Canada

They say it's because some parents drop their kids off anyway because they have to go to work. If no one was there, the student could freeze to death. Is the problem the School or the Parent?

When this happens you satisfy your parent by going in and since approximately 12 and a half people will actually be there you and up doing homework you didn't want to do the night before and playing in the gym.

Then when you were older, you would ply i the snow without snow pants and smell like a wet dog for the rest of the day...

Haha it sucked being a primary kid. But my family calls them skipants<<< I call them both, but everybody I know says snowpants.

Funny Pictures Of The Day � 70 Pics obviously our country's have problems you think?

Funny pictures about Canada vs. USA: the difference is clear. Oh, and cool pics about Canada vs. USA: the difference is clear. Also, Canada vs. USA: the difference is clear.

So ... ?? I know, do you?

I miss the old gallon milk jugs.we're forever changing these spill-prone Litre bags!

Every Canadian kid has almost died sledding

My cousin got a concussion and woke up the the hospital freaking out. Sledding is painful. Especially when you go off of a jump accidentally and land hard on your ass.