Epicure's Extraordinary Cheese Dip™

Epicure Extraordinary Cheese Dip- This dip is amazing. I threw an Epicure party just so I could buy the stuff to make it.

Epicure's Apple Pie Spice

Breakfast: Crunchy Apple Pie Granola calories/serving) serve with a dollop of Greek yogurt

Epicure's Beef Stir-fry with Broccoli

Lunch/Dinner: Epicure's Asian Beef Stir-fry calories/serving) serve with brown rice or rice noodles

Epicure’s Even Easier Gyros

While gyros are typically made with ground meat, this is a speedier version using thin slivers of lean pork tenderloin.

Epicure’s Greek Layer Dips for Verrines

Create an easy, delicious, eye-catching appetizer the next time you have a selection of Epicure’s Greek-style dips on hand. Add a mini skewer of souvlaki and a mini pita pocket for bite-sized bliss.

Epicure's Greek Layer Dip

Everyone knows about the good ole Mexican 7 Layer Dip recipe. I'm not going to say I don't love to indulge (then over-indulge) in 7 Layer Dip but I will say that sometimes change is good and with this Greek Layer Dip recipe you might never go back!