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Sugar cookies

Sugar cookies

Peppermint biscotti

Bought too many candy canes? This is the perfect snack with tea or coffee.

Irish cream whoopie pie

Bet you can't eat just one. So flavorful and delicious

Pumpkin scones

​Breakfast, lunch or snack time. These scones are great whenever you need a quick filling snack.

Cinnamon rolls

Garnish with cream cheese, icing, goo or enjoy them plain. Bite right into them or slowly unravel them apart. Cinnamon rolls have so many ways to be enjoyed that everyone you eat can be an experience.

Mushroom stuffing

Quick and easy side dish. If you are low on herbs, this dish already has them in the package. No need to add extra.

Crockpot ham

Crockpot ham

Ham and corn chowder

Ham and corn chowder. Perfect for the left over ham. You can't see the corn but it's there.


One word. Old time favorite. So easy to make.