Soldier kid craft - such a cute craft for Jacob to send to Uncle Josh @Michele Morales Santosuosso

Karen's Preschool Ideas: Veteran's Day cannot wait to honor and remember our veterans with my little guys=]

Scrap Paper poppy craft

This is a really easy and fun craft for all ages. Older children can cut their own strips of paper and you can substitute tissue paper if you’d like. Tools needed: white computer paper paper…

Celebrate Anzac Day with meaningful and educational activities using our free Anzac Day Printables. Great craft activity for kids to learn about Anzac Day.

Free Anzac Day Printables

Remembrance Day Poems including In Flanders Fields

The poem "In Flanders Fields" by Dr John McCrae, written in is the reason that we use poppies to remember those that have died in wars.

Craft for Memorial Day....I am going to switch it up a bit, but the soldier is cute!

Make this soldier craft on ANZAC/Memorial/Veterans Day to remember how brave soliders are fighting for our country. The template is in 2 partsThe soldier body - includes the hat, body, arms

Soldier Boy and Girl- Craft and Writing Templates....cute!

Veterans Day {Craft and Writing Templates}

sandra's savvy teaching tips: Remembrance Day Freebie

Remembrance Day Freebie