LEO April 2015. Big Activation of Achievements

How will the Lunar Eclipse affect Libra this April? Jupiter is turning direct-found out how Libra will benefit. How will the planets support and hinder Libra.

LEO AUGUST 2015. The Most Important Month For you This Year!

CAPRICORN horoscope for August How will Venus retrograde 2015 affect Capricorn. Jupiter is going in Virgo in August, how will Jupiter in Virgo Affect C.

LEO May 2015. Opportunity for Gains!

How will Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Affect Sagittarius in May What should Sagittarius be careful about this month and what Sagittarius has the Green .

How Jupiter in Scorpio will Transform the LIFE of LEO October 2017 to No...

How Jupiter in Scorpio will Transform the LIFE of Cancer October 2017 to November Cancer Horoscope October For the Jupiter in Scorpio Webinar: ht.

LEO September 2015. ECLIPSE Changes your FINANCES

The Solar and Lunar Eclipses in September and their influence on AQUARIUS. Venus is turning direct in Leo and its impact on AQUARIUS Mercury is turning retro.

Leo March 2015. Time for Inspiration and Optimism.

o Find out your Ascendant, Sun and Moon signs, go the birth chart calculator and enter your details correctly. Then scroll to the planetary detail table: htt.

Leo February 2015. Time for Partnerships and Deals.

In February Mercury turns direct in Aquarius. Aquarians will be arranging matters of business, communication and information. Multiple contacts or involvemen.