Carey Price's Daughter

Carey Price's Daughter- I hate Price with a passion, a burning passion, but this is kind of cute I guess.

Hockey men are so hot! Sadly this is not what coed locker rooms look like. The guy in the Middle is Sheldon Souray. The guy on the right is Andrew Cogliano. Both of them play for the Anaheim Ducks! No clue who the guy on the left is? The Ducks have the hottest team in the NHL imo =)

Ethan Moreau, Sheldon Souray & Andrew Cogliano May have to start watching hockey.

Teammates and best buds Montreal Canadiens PK Subban & Carey Price model each others t-shirts

For my last pinners choice I decided to post a picture of price wearing subbans shirt and subban wearing price's shirt. We are in the playoffs so why not support the habs. I hope will make it far this year. Oh and price is bae ❤️

PK Subban, Montreal Canadiens

go habs go! montreal canadiens stanley cup 2014 PLEASE et SVP - merci (ici on parle franglaise) All Hail Suban (suck on that Boston) - hey you got your world series fair is fair.

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