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very calming points, the horses love them!

As much as I love these, my horse is extra spooky when I'm on him, like Melvin sees dead people, and it's super hard to be in a lesson and get off to massage him. I uses pressure point therapy off him, but on him I just hold on for dear life.

I built this 2 stall horse barn from 2 big and 2 x industrial pallets that I got from a friend who gets them from a factory that build generators here in south Georgia. Make the stalls a bit more open on the doors and it would be perfect

A Horse's Normal TPR. Also a CRT for a grow horse would be uner 3 sec. Good stuff to know. Take temps daily and learn to take other vitals.

People Socks to help with fly control this summer. You can ever spray them with Fly Spray. I'm so trying this. Finally a use for all those holy socks.

Using human socks to help protect horses legs from bites, etc. Can also be sprayed with fly spray or diluted essential oils, omg this cracked me up but great idea.Also, keep those white socks clean before a show!