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Sheldon Cooper on How to Inspire Girls in Tech

How do you inspire more girls into high tech careers? According to Sheldon Cooper of the epic show The Big Bang Theory, the secret is.

Handblown Glass Fish Straws

HANDBLOWN GLASS FISH STRAWS - SET OF 2 - from UncommonGoods Too cute! I'm all for reducing waste and landfills, these make drinking fun and they're washable. Hand made, too, so it helps the independent artisans.

Vote Dwight Schrute!

Dwight K. Schrute (The Office US) (Vía: thedailywhat) The Office Fan Art of the Day: Social Network poster-style Dwight K. Schrute portrait by Sir Mike of Mitchell. Commissioned by Rainn Wilson.

Bart Simpson: Eat my shorts...and shoes.

The bread loafers are an ideal example of high-end French fashion. Crafted out of real bread, each loafer warms your feet like only a nice and toasty, freshly baked pair of shoes can. The best part is if you get hungry, simply take one off and dig in.

Top 3 Creative Mediums EVER via (Apple, Nanodots & Cross)

Dotpedia - The Magnetic Dot Encyclopedia