STEM Bridge Partners: love this idea! The children can make "bridges" over the river!

EASY "London Bridge" STEM Challenge Idea!

STEM Bridge Partners- Could pair with Billy Goats Gruff

"Can you make a snowflake" provocation (snow, clear beads, winter)

Thinking and Learning in Room 122 Can You Make a Snowflake?

Symmetry provocation using Lego-- I would probably use glass florist beads and twigs, though

Thinking and Learning in Room 122

Build a house

Construction EPA // define work area // story // Build a house for the pigs on the Finger Gym.

Physics in Kindergarten? Absolutely! This is why play is so important in Early Childhood Education! How else could children begin to have a...

Marble Maze inquiry, exploration, investigation, problem solving and teamwork!

Thinking and Learning in Room 122: Our 2015 Learning Environment!

We are so excited about another year in Room We have worked hard to set up our classroom environment to be a 'third teacher' for ou.

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Building numbers roll a dice count out objects to match

One of our friends brought in some candy canes last December. He asked if he could put it in some water during Thinking, Learning and Discov...

for float days: some explorations on why things sink or float: maybe the tin foil boats

Thinking and Learning in Room 122: Mathematics

MEASUREMENT - Thinking and Learning in Room measurement provocation- length

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The educators (Ms. Landolfi) in Room 122 are excited to w.