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A Cariboo miner sluicing for gold with a rocker box. BC Museum of Mining

The Cariboo Gold Rush

"Prospecting for Alluvial Gold," William Hind, painting (courtesy PABC).

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Canada A Country by Consent: British Columbia Joins Confederation: Gold Rush Fever in B.

The Cariboo Gold Rush Barkerville Section

After the great fire in Barkerville, this was one of the only houses left untouched.


The Cariboo region of British Columbia - which Barkerville is a part of - has a history that was profoundly shaped by gold.

The Canadian Encyclopedia

In 1863 the gold rush town of Barkerville, BC, had a population of 10 000 (courtesy PABC


News of the Barker strike spread quickly. The town of Barkerville was named after Billy Barker.

Billy Barker

William "Billy" Barker - the town of Barkerville named after the first miner to strike gold in the area.