Tumblr on Canada - scratch the maple leaf and it smells like maple syrup, LOL

Tumblr on Canada.

Hailin from Canada eh! Smelling maple syrup is so much better than whatever the hell American money smells like. smells like a dead camel in the hot arabian sun

Captain Canada; being Canadian, this seems... Overly accurate ;)

Those maple trees aren't going to defend themselves! As a native Canadian, Fillion paid homage to the Internet's version of his country's superhero.

so true! 2009km and one ferry ride for us to the closest cousins... 6,790km to the furthest away...

RT, it takes 4 hours of driving to reach my closest cousins, and 6 hours for my grandparents. I'd have to drive 24 hours to get to Quebec and it's one of the closest provinces XD

Things Are Just Different In Canada

Things Are Just Different In Canada

Meanwhile in Canada. Looking at the lighter side of life in Canada. Don't miss 40 Funny meanwhile in Canada photos that will blow your mind.

Canada is colder than Mars

Manitoba colder than Mars right now? sagansense: “ Canada is having a cold snap at the moment. This week, in Southern Manitoba, the temperature reached a blisteringly frigid degrees Celsius, or.

Canadian Problems

It is a known fact that Canada performs better for winter sports. that's cause we are all on the dock in the summer, basking in the sun with a beside us.